University Classrooms

University Classrooms

As education methodologies need to evolve to keep up with the pace of technology, so does the need for renovating classroom layouts and the furniture within that supports success of the students user experience.

A campus in Northwest Ohio invested in three buildings and chose areas within them to update the interiors to be relevant to today’s teaching and learning styles. The University’s goal was to create flexibility within the learning environments that encourage collaboration, group experiences, instructor interaction as well as a comfortable and exciting space to spend their days. American Interiors was able to provide the right solutions for all three buildings to ensure that together with the University, we delivered the best experience for years to come.

Some of the learning principles incorporated within this project were:

  • Overlearning
  • Primacy and recency
  • Transfer of learning
  • Spaced learning
  • Feedback
  • Active learning

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